First Home Buyer

Buying your first home is both a very exciting and nerve wrecking time and we understand that but Finance Seekers helps first home buyers everyday.

We know exactly how the whole process works, we know all the ins & outs regarding the grants on offer and we know which lenders are best suited to you being the first home buyer. We will also show you how your loan will best suit your future.


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First Home Owners Grant

First time home buyers who are buying or building their first home may be eligible for the First Home Buyers Grant, sometimes referred to as the FHOG.    

This is a one off grant from the government aimed to assist you financially when you buy your first home.  If you have not previously bought or owned a residential property, and you are an Australian Resident and over the age of 18 then you may be able to access this government grant. 

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Car Loan

A car loan is a loan designated for the purchase of a vehicle. The loan cannot  be used for anything else.

We finance a lot of new  and used vehicles and can help you make an informed decision as to whether a car loan, a lease, hire purchase or a Chattel Mortgage is best for you.

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Investing In Property

An investment property is any property that is purchased with the intent of gaining a return or an income from it.  Investment properties can be an units, town houses a single-family dwelling, vacant land, or commercial property -- basically any type of real estate.

The term investment property usually describes property that the owner does not occupy.

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Financial Planning

You are your biggest asset – what would your family do without you or your income? Protecting yourself is protecting your family.

Do you need help with your cash flow, your childrens education planning, your retirement planning, investment plan, risk management and insurance policies, your taxation options, and your estate planning.

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Justice Of The Peace Services

We have two JP's in the NSW office, making all your applications easier to submit.


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